New API updates mean better, faster, automated shipments

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Broaden your range of shipping options with new 7bridges feature functionality and carrier integrations

Getting your goods to your customers rapidly and efficiently is always a challenge. In order to ensure that they’re delivered on time and in full (OTIF), you need to have confidence that your logistics service providers (LSPs) can help you overcome unforeseen disruptions. Sometimes, however, this isn’t always possible. Sometimes the LSP might be the source of the disruption itself (through no fault of its own). What do you do then?


More automated, more integrated

Recently we’ve updated our Automation API functionality, which enables our customers to access our Automation Layer for shipment bookings via API instead of just through the platform, as well as our network of logistics service providers. In its original form, this functionality meant that customers could reach and book with more LSPs via API, meaning minimal disruption to their existing workflow. With our newest enhancements however, our customers now have a greater range of options around shipment locations and location types that they can ship from. Which means more ways to get your product where needs to be in the best way possible.

Packaging and ItemsSKUS’s (Pre-Populated based on Data from API)
The goal here has been to make it possible for customers to more easily determine what items have been packed outside of our system in their own WMS, and then send that information to us via API for a rapid return of LSP quotes that they can choose from. From there they can automate export declarations and label printing and book their shipments via our interface. This opens up a much greater range of options for customers to get their goods from A to B, helping overcome disruption and embed additional resilience into their operations in near real time.


Your carriers, but better

At the same time, we’ve also expanded the integrations we have with some carriers in our network, giving customers a richer range of features of options to choose from for shipments with DHL and FedEx. Customers can now access real-time rates, more reliable data, better compliance with local regulation for cross border shipping and greater flexibility and convenience.

Shipping Method (Manually Selected by User but could have a Pre-Defined Rule to Auto Select (Eg Cheapest Rate etc))

Combined, these two new feature updates provide greater opportunities for our customers in how they automate their logistics, meaning they can respond rapidly to disruption, avoid carrier lock-in, enhance visibility and build resilience into their operations.

To learn how to take advantage of our broad range of shipping options functionality and reach your business goals, book a demo here.

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