About 7bridges

As the world gets more connected and complex, so do supply chains. The world needs supply chains that are integrated,  adaptable, and resilient.

That’s where 7bridges comes in. Our platform creates outcome-driven, smarter supply chains that benefit everyone.

But don’t just take our word for it. We’ve won a host of awards across the industry.


We work with visionary, high-growth businesses from all sorts of industries

The 7bridges platform can work with all manner of supply chain data, no matter how complex.

We’ve helped businesses in med-tech, healthcare, retail and manufacturing reinvent the way they think about their supply chain.

From maximising revenue to improving performance and reducing emissions, our platform gives you the power to make your supply chain perform exactly the way you need it to.


What our clients think

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Meet our founders


Philip Ashton

Founder & CEO



Matei Beremski

Founder & CTO


7bridges was founded to create powerful change through supply chains and software.

Deep in the belly of a large logistics provider, Phil had front row seats to the amount of waste that went into supply chains, even as supply chain leaders tried to wrestle them into an efficient state. When he brought the problem to data-focused Matei, they discovered that this wasn’t an industry-specific or location-specific issue. This is a problem for all supply chains everywhere. And it is one that impacts a lot more than a business’ bottom line.

“Inefficiency is no longer a concept that you feel you should care about. It’s become something that affects real people in the real world.” (Philip Ashton, CEO)

And so 7bridges was born. Determined to turn the preconceptions of how to run a supply chain on their heads, 7bridges now makes supply chains smarter and better prepared to tackle any potential disruptions. 

Today, after a successful Series A funding round and the growth from three to almost 100 supply chain experts, 7bridges is on a mission to help businesses create the best version of their supply chain: So people can always access the best product. So great businesses can always reach the people who need them. And so we all don’t squander important resources getting people what they need.

Our investors

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Learn more about the 7bridges AI powered supply chain management solution, and how it can transform your business for a competitive advantage.