Easy supply chain provider management: one UI to rule them all

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Managing your logistics service providers can be a daunting task, especially when you have multiple providers across different locations and carriers. With so many moving parts, it's easy to lose track of important provider information and documentation, such as service agreements, provider contracts and rate sheets. What supply chain leaders like you really need is a way to see it all without hopping in and out of a thousand different platforms.

We recently updated our platform to make logistics service provider management easier than ever. Our updated Providers section offers a comprehensive overview of performance and related data from all of your accounts in one easy-to-understand view.

Comprehensive overview and quick action

With this new feature you'll have a user-friendly interface to store, manage, and view all your provider contracts and rates, ensuring easy access whenever you need them. Say goodbye to contract expiration surprises - our system will send you alerts beforehand, keeping you on top of things. Plus, you can effortlessly configure your accounts across all locations and carriers, all in one convenient place. This section also allows you to take quick action to ensure you have as complete a set of provider information and documentation as possible.

In addition, the new Providers section offers a quick snapshot of:

  • The number of active accounts linked to you: See how many accounts you've got and get a clear overview of your provider network - like a bird's eye view of your logistics
  • The number of providers: Check the number of providers you're working with to understand the diversity (or, lack) of options you have
  • How many accounts hold a rate card: By identifying the accounts holding a rate card, you can manage your pricing and negotiations better
  • How many active accounts are expiring soon: Visibility into number of active accounts that are expiring soon allows you to prioritise necessary actions, ensuring uninterrupted services
  • How many expired accounts are still tied to you: Being aware of the expired accounts still tied to your account offers opportunities to address any outstanding obligations  

    You can view this information in either the Configuration View or the Activity View, which shows the activity of invoices, shipments tracked, and shipments booked for each provider account.

    Clicking into an account will take you to the Account page where you can see all the activity around a provider account in much more detail, for a period covering the past eight weeks. The top of the page shows a warning if the account is expired or due to expire soon so that you can take quick action to rectify it. You can also view all documents attached to the account, with an active or expired status indicator.

Effortless management

Our latest update can simplify your logistics provider management. You won't miss any contract expiration dates because we'll send you alerts, and you'll have all your provider info and documentation in one spot. The update means you could avoid scattered account management, difficulty accessing contracts and rates, missed expiration dates, and important provider information and documentation being lost. You'll be able to manage all your accounts in one place with our Providers section, and you can store and view all your provider contracts and rates. You can configure your accounts across all locations and carriers. 

Want to take the next step to simplifying your logistics service provider management? Book a demo.

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