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Our platform pulls all your data in one place so you have full visibility and control over your supply chain. And with our AI you can monitor changes, test out solutions and respond to disruption in real time, anytime.

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Spot problems before they happen, make integral changes at the push of a button (after proving it works first using our simulations) and have a full understanding of how your supply chain works.

7bridges Baseline & benchmarking

Step 1: Baseline & benchmarking layer

Our Baseline & Benchmarking layer enables you to create a detailed baseline of your supply chain to understand if you’re getting the performance-cost balance you're expecting and paying for.

You can baseline your current levels of service and cost, gain full visibility of logistics performance to drive better decision making, and regain control over your suppliers to drive SLA improvements.

Customers have seen an average of 3X ROI within twelve months of signing.

7bridges Simulation Layer

Step 2: Simulation layer

The Simulation layer gives you the ability to interrogate your data, and ask strategic questions around what you can or should be doing, enabling you to experiment with how different factors could affect your service

This covers four main areas - optimising network performance to create efficiencies, improving profitability and service levels (SLAs), implementing better procurement processes to secure better rates, and improving emissions to drive a more sustainable supply chain.

Customers using our simulation layer have secured 18% better procurement rates with logistics companies.

7bridges Automation layer (2)

Step 3: Automation layer

The Automation layer is designed to supercharge how you send, receive and track your goods. This enables you to improve and effectively calibrate your performance.

Always select the best carrier for every shipment, by using near real-time data to rapidly overcome disruption and improve customer satisfaction by offering a wider range of delivery options.

Our customers that use the Automation layer have realised an average of 16% in direct cost savings on shipments.

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The 7bridges platform can handle logistics operations from any industry, no matter how complex. Our use cases solve pain points for customers in med-tech, healthcare, retail and manufacturing.

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Identify and optimise your supplier data

Understand exactly where you are and how your supply chain is performing. With full visibility across your operations, you can make smarter decisions to help improve your logistics performance. See our most popular use cases👇 :

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