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Our platform pulls all your data in one place so you have full visibility and control over your supply chain. And with our AI you can monitor changes, test out solutions and respond to disruption in real time, anytime.
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Spot problems before they happen, make integral changes at the push of a button (after proving it works first using our simulations) and have a full understanding of how your supply chain works. It all comes down to having the right data, greater visibility and the room to innovate. Smarter supply chains benefit everyone.
Logistics failing between factory and warehouse.

Step 1: Baseline & benchmarking layer

Challenge: Your supplier data is siloed, inconsistent and difficult to manage efficiently
What: Pull all your supplier data into one place to baseline cost and performance
Why: Understand the true cost and performance of your logistics. Regain control over your suppliers and effectively dispute incorrect invoice charges. No IT requirement
Result: A 3X return on investment with 12 months of signing
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Step 2: Procurement & simulation layer

Challenge: With your data in place you want to be make smarter decisions about a range of things, from procurement to the design of your network
What: Run complex simulations to question all your data
Why: Scope out and support decisions around what you can or should be doing, and experimenting with how different factors can affect that service. No IT requirement
Result: 18 % better procurement rates with logistics companies
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Outbound operations

Step 3: Outbound automation

Challenge: Get your goods to your customers faster and more effectively without driving up costs
What: Use our AI to to make smarter decisions about how you move your goods from point A to point B
Why: Near real time Control Tower view of your operations, ensuring your goods are being sent while balancing for cost and performance every time while providing more delivery and return options to customers. Minimal IT requirement
Result: An average of 16% direct cost savings on shipments
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DatacostProcurementOutbound logistics

Baseline & benchmarking layer

Gain full visibility of your logistics supplier data and costs to regain control and drive performance ad cost improvements
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Data and cost

Procurement & simulation layer

Improve procurement processes to get better rates and performance, while harnessing AI simulations to make informed decisions about supply chain performance
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Outbound automation layer

Create a more resilient and responsive supply chain, ensuring goods always get to your customers when they want them in the most efficient fashion
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Outbound Layer

Scope 3 emissions layer

Measure and report on your scope 3 emissions, enabling you to complying with incoming regulation and make a competitive edge out of your logistics
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Green Audit Logistics
Benefits of using AI in logistics

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Benefits of using AI in logistics