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By consolidating all your data into a single platform, you gain full control over your network. 7bridges not only provides insights into your past performance but also prepares you for the future. Let us introduce you to the actionable logistics Digital Twin you've been waiting for.

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Our platform pulls all your data in one place so you have full visibility and control over your supply chain. And with our AI you can monitor changes, test out solutions and respond to disruption in real time, anytime.

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Spot problems before they happen, make integral changes at the push of a button (after proving it works first using our simulations) and have a full understanding of how your supply chain works.

7bridges Optimise - Audit and Reporting


The  Optimise product enables you to quickly ingest transport invoices from Logistic Service Providers, regardless of format. With hundreds of ingest formats developed, we significantly reduce the time required to analyse current network spend and performance.

Our AI-powered Audit module meticulously checks each shipping invoice line item against the associated rate card for accuracy and potential leakage.

Once the data is standardised, harmonised, and validated, it can be interrogated directly in the 7bridges platform.



With your data now flowing into the 7bridges platform, our Simulation technology gives you the ability to interrogate your network, and ask strategic question around what you can or should be doing.

Key areas typically investigated - optimising network performance to create efficiencies, improving profitability and service levels (SLAs), implementing simulations into the procurement processes to secure better rates, and improving emissions to drive a more sustainable supply chain.

Customers using our simulation layer have secured 18% better procurement rates with logistics companies.

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Automate provides a crucial capability for organisations seeking an agile, resilient and scalable transport automation solution across any carrier, mode or geography.

Beyond booking, 7bridges automates numerous manual, routine tasks like document creation and quote requests.

With 7bridges intelligence, organisations can rapidly create adaptive fulfilment rules to ensure shipments are handled, managed, and booked with the right carrier every time, even in response to disruption in the network.

Automate can support manual, automatic, parcel, freight and specialty booking processes, ensuring you can always book regardless of your transport provider's capabilities.

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The 7bridges platform can handle logistics operations from any industry, no matter how complex. Our use cases solve pain points for customers in med-tech, healthcare, retail and manufacturing.


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