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Gain insights into how 7bridges can help you optimise your supply chain and streamline your logistics processes. You can learn how our platform enables a better understanding of your supply chain performance, utilises simulations to help you forecast and grow sustainably, and improves the speed and quality of how you get your goods to your customers.

Baseline & Benchmarking

Our Baseline & benchmarking layer helps you understand exactly where you are and how your supply chain is performing. With full visibility across your operations you can make smarter decisions to help improve your logistics performance.

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How do I track carrier performance?

Getting visibility on the performance of your logistics providers is vital for getting control of your supply chain and ensuring you’re getting the service levels you’re paying for...

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How do I know what I am spending on and where?

Getting visibility on what and where you are spending across your logistics network is crucial for getting control of your supply chain and also for making key business decisions...

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How do I calculate cost to serve?

Understanding your total cost to serve your products to each of your customers, and understanding outliers and variance in those costs, is critical to getting your pricing right and managing your gross margin...

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How can I make sure I have the right terms with the right logistics partners?

Getting the best terms from your logistics providers is crucial for serving your customers as efficiently as possible. Without visibility into benchmarked rates, you'll be at a disadvantage...

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How can I use benchmarking data to optimise my supply chain network?

It’s hard to gauge how your supply chain stacks up because of time constraints, limited data visibility, and challenges in making meaningful comparisons between similar organisations... 

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How can I use benchmarking to optimise my supply chain network?




Understand how our Simulation layer does its magic, enabling you to forecast and plan how best you can optimise your supply chain and operations. Get insight into the kinds of simulations our platform covers, how the information is presented back to you, and how you're able to implement those recommendations rapidly.

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How can I optimise my supply chain network to improve service performance?

To optimise your supply chain efficiency, understanding the impact of every decision is crucial. Without the right forecasting insights, it is hard to figure out the next best move...


Understand how automated supply chains deliver better and smoother operations. Automate the sending, returning and tracking of your goods throughout their journey. By using data you can also respond rapidly to external disruption ensuring your goods will always reach your customers as quickly as possible.

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                                                How do I ensure that I am fulfilling my orders in the optimal way?

Optimising order fulfilment by efficiently using your logistics network is crucial for keeping your customers satisfied. However, this is harder than ever because of rising customer expectations and fragile processes...

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