Security with 7bridges, the ISO-27001 certified supply chain management platform

We understand the importance and value of your data and know that there cannot be any compromises around its security.

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We take that responsibility extremely seriously, on both a legal and a moral level.

We’re ISO 27001 certified, which shows we understand the value and importance of data and we know how to handle it too. You can trust that we’ll treat your data with the utmost care and the respect it deserves.

We don't need access to your network. You send your data to us.

7bridges is built on the core concepts of transparency and objective data, and this extends out to how we treat your data too.


With you controlling what you send us, you can be sure of what sensitive information we’re receiving, but also know exactly what we’re doing with it. 


We provide various public endpoints for you to send us your data securely, and this ensures you never have to let us into your network.

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Because this is a core part of our business we invest a significant amount of energy in ensuring these endpoints are secure, giving you total control, without a load of new responsibilities you need to manage.

We encrypt your data as soon as we receive it

As soon as it lands within our network it will be encrypted. This means that even if a bad actor was able to access the hard drive storing this information, stealing it would be useless as it's unretrievable by anyone except ourselves.

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We host all our data on AWS cloud infrastructure, with a  primary location in Ireland (over three distinct zones), and a failover copy in AWS London. 
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We’re accredited with ISO 27001, an international compliance framework set by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO)

So you can be sure that we meet internationally recognised security standards that shows that data security remains top of mind in all areas of our organisation.

We’re committed to maintaining and evolving our information security and other security standards as they continue to evolve over time. 

We have prioritised security from day one

and we promise that we take it seriously day in and day out. To keep your data safe:

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We will continue to raise security awareness with our staff with regular awareness training and exercises

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We will continue to assess new risks and re-assess existing risks

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We will continue to audit all 3rd party suppliers we work with to make sure they meet our standards

We will continue to put security at the front of all of our solutions and offerings


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