Automation layer

Ensure your goods always get to your customers on time and in full in the most cost and time efficient fashion

7bridges Automation layer (2)

Get goods to your customers with maximum efficiency


An average of 16% direct cost savings on shipments


Increase resilience by overcoming disruption and ensuring delivery times are maintained

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Ensure you get best performance and cost for every individual shipment

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Intelligently consolidate packages to get the right cost and performance for the delivery

Automated supply chain operations for better deliveries and smoother operations

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Automate the sending, returning and tracking of your goods throughout their journey. By using data you can also respond rapidly to external disruption ensuring your goods will always reach your customers as quickly as possible.


This opens up options around multi-carrier shipments, so you can utilise the services of other carriers without needing to integrate with them first. This gives you greater flexibility and ensures you’re always getting the best possible service.


You can be sure that goods will be sent balancing for cost and performance every time, enabling you to deliver quicker and more reliably to your customers, improving satisfaction rates and turning your logistics into a competitive edge.

Key features

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Use real-time data to ensure you’re selecting the best carrier for every shipment

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Track and search orders and shipments across carriers, in real-time

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Simplifying the process of preparing and sending orders


Consolidate packages to get the best cost and performance


Automate your shipment booking processes from start to finish


Ensure shipments arrive on time, at the lowest price, with a reduced carbon footprint


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Other layers

Baseline & benchmarking layer

Gain full visibility of your logistics supplier data and costs to regain control, drive performance and improve profitability

Simulation layer

Improve procurement processes to get better rates and performance, while harnessing AI simulations to make informed decisions about supply chain performance