Outbound automation layer

Create a more resilient and responsive supply chain, ensuring goods always get to your customers when they want them in the most efficient fashion.
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Modern tech and communication support logisticsAI managed logistics means growth
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Get goods to your customers with maximum efficiency

An average of 16% direct cost savings on shipments
Increase resilience by overcoming disruption and ensuring delivery times are maintained
Ensure you get best performance and cost for every individual shipment
Intelligently consolidate packages to get the right cost and performance for the delivery
Truck next to optimized warehouse

The transport and logistics platform for the new economy.

With suppliers under control, contracts that service you in place and AI driven simulations helping to shape your business decisions, we can now start improving how you move your goods - both how around your network and how you get them to and from you customers.
AI managed logistics means growth

Intelligence for the future of supply chain management

You need to move your goods intelligently, in a way that gets them to customers quickly, efficiently, sustainably and cost-effectively. Doing that is challenging. Customer expectations are high and your operational supply chain processes are often outdated in their ability to cope with these demands.
Focusing on crucial parts of logistic chain

The only tool that lets you see and optimize your logistics network.

Using our Procurement & Simulation Layer, you can explore how carriers perform in one carrier vs one or one vs multiple scenarios, see how different carriers stack up across lanes in terms of performance (not just cost), understand whether their baseline costs reflect the true cost of service, and see how they work around constraints.
Truck next to optimized warehouseAI managed logistics means growthFocusing on crucial parts of logistic chain

Outbound Automation. Shipments Booked, In Real Time.

Our Outbound Automation Layer enables automated shipment booking operations that can provide a near real time Control Tower view of your operations, enabling you to improve and effectively calibrate your performance.
This enables you to overcome disruption in a rapid and resilient fashion while delivering quicker and more reliably to your customers, improving satisfaction rates and turning your logistics into a competitive edge.
So you can be sure that your goods are being sent while balancing for cost and performance every time. It also frees you from carrier locking, opening up options around multi-carrier shipments to ensure you’re always getting the best possible service regardless of external factors.

Key features

Complex real-time predictions are factored into the selection of the ideal carrier
Ensure your orders arrive on time, at the lowest price, with a reduced carbon footprint
Create efficiencies by simplifying the process of preparing and sending orders
Track and search orders and shipments across carriers, in real-time
Automate your shipment booking processes from start to finish
Modern tech and communication support logistics

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AI managed logistics means growth

Other layers

Baseline & benchmarking layer

Gain full visibility of your logistics supplier data and costs to regain control and drive performance ad cost improvements
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Procurement & simulation layer

Improve procurement processes to get better rates and performance, while harnessing AI simulations to make informed decisions about supply chain performance
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Scope 3 emissions layer

Measure and report on your scope 3 emissions, enabling you to complying with incoming regulation and make a competitive edge out of your logistics
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