Faster shipments with a more user-friendly address book

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Shipping products out to customers requires an organised and precise process to make sure their expectations are met. Part of the difficulty in organising multiple shipments is ensuring the various customer addresses are correct and easy to retrieve when it’s time to send. Any shipment solution, especially one using automation, should make this process as seamless as possible. 

We recently improved the process of adding addresses for shipments in the platform, thanks to feedback from our customers. In our latest update, we’re excited to introduce enhancements to the process of managing addresses in the platform, giving you faster shipments and satisfied customers.


What's changed?

In the past, every address entered when booking shipments in the platform would create a new entry in the address book, which, for some, resulted in clutter and made it difficult to search for specific addresses. This made shipping a lengthier process than it needed to be for those customers. The platform shows the best shipping rates available for the addresses that are entered. These rates are configured to the addresses that customers have entered, and if these addresses aren’t fixed, then it means customers aren’t able to get the best available rates based on past usage.

To overcome this challenge, we’ve introduced a fixed address book that remains consistent over time.

The new update means an easier way to update the address book or individual fulfilment locations 

Our customers now have the convenience of batch uploading addresses in the backend, or adding them individually through the user interface. Once the bulk addresses have been added, our customers can easily edit or delete entries one by one. We support our customers with the bulk upload to make their lives easier, but they also have the option to include them individually through the frontend. 

There is also now an ability to filter the list of regions appearing in the current locations table, as opposed to a total list of combined fulfilment location and address book data. This improvement ensures that carrier accounts are accurately configured to specific addresses, eliminating variations that may lead to unavailability of rates. With a consistent address book, our customers can say goodbye to lengthy searches and unnecessary data, resulting in a faster and more user-friendly experience.

Customers can filter by all relevant regions, rather than by all possible locations which clutters the booking experience

These enhancements empower users to ensure accurate address information and save valuable time when sending shipments. 

Faster shipments at your fingertips

We’re excited to keep supporting our customers with faster shipments via seamless address management. With our enhanced address book user interface (UI), our customers can get the best rates because the correct addresses are configured to their accounts, have a consistent and easy-to-use address book and take quicker actions in the shipping process. 


Want to see how we can make your shipments smoother and help you meet strict SLAs? Book a demo here.

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