Avoid unwelcome tax bills with the duties and taxes calculator

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Running a business that involves shipping products across borders can be pretty tricky. There are so many things to keep in mind - delivery delays, compliance regulations, and more. And if things go wrong, it can be a major headache! Your customers might get upset, and your reputation could take a hit in the long run. 

Well, we’ve made some additions to our platform to help you manage your supply chain better. Our new duties and taxes calculator will make sure you never get caught off-guard by unexpected costs, no matter what kind of challenges you’re facing when shipping across borders. 


Cross-border shipping challenges

Delays can cause a ripple effect on your whole supply chain, hurting your relationships with suppliers and other partners. This can happen for all sorts of reasons, like customs issues, transportation problems, or even bad weather. As you know it’s challenging when partners get frustrated, lose confidence in your ability to deliver on time, or start looking for other suppliers. That’s why it’s important to take some proactive measures to avoid any delays in shipments and keep things running smoothly for your business. 

Equally, some countries have strict delivery timeframes that need to be met. If you miss these deadlines, you could face some serious consequences, like delayed shipments, lost revenue, or even legal trouble. Plus, duties and taxes can be a major headache too. They're different in every country, and they can really eat into your profits. So it's very important to understand these charges and plan ahead, so you don't get any nasty surprises down the road.


Say goodbye to unexpected costs

We are constantly working on enhancing our platform. Our latest release is a new Duties and Taxes calculator, to help you avoid being caught off guard again. And it comes packed with some excellent benefits, like:

  • Plan ahead and manage cash flow by forecasting expenses 

  • Calculate estimated duties and taxes at shipment entry, so there’s no need to wait for the invoice to compare against the third-party suppliers’ charges

  • Ensure compliance with local regulations and avoid potential penalties or fines

  • Maintain customer satisfaction and loyalty by reducing your risk of shipment delays or confiscation 

Once logged into the platform the calculator is easy to use by simply uploading a CSV file, so no need to worry about integrations, APIs or invoice processes. And when you enter a shipment, our platform calculates an estimate for the duties and taxes without having to look at the invoice. This makes it super easy for you to get a forecast of your taxes for a shipment. With a response time of one second for each shipment, it means you can calculate these estimates much quicker than just relying on human input! Our trusty AI will do all the heavy lifting for you. 

We all know that when it comes to shipping products across borders, keeping costs low is vital to ensure the smooth running of your supply chain. Our Duties and Taxes calculator is a perfect tool to avoid unexpected tax bills and charges, ensuring continued business effectiveness.

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