5 ways to adapt your logistics to the COVID-19 crisis.

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The intelligent automation built into the 7bridges logistics platform offers critical benefits in the current situation, a potential 'second wave' of the pandemic and beyond. The disruptive impact of the health crisis is enormous. Unfortunately, some of the problems below will have already had an impact on your business. But there are solutions to future-proof your logistics, and they can be implemented rapidly.  

Time iconStaff shortages - Stretched resources have led to delays and lost revenue. Illness, isolation and social distancing may have meant you are working with fewer staff under greater pressure, often with improvised workflows.

Upwards graph iconVolatile demand - Can you scale instantly to meet spikes or slowdowns? As lockdown eases and demand increases, your skeleton crew may struggle to keep up with a sudden rush of new orders.

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Errors and overs - Under pressure, processes fail and costs rise: even in normal conditions, 20% of logistics invoices contain overcharges. In the current crisis, out-of-control costs are increasing as processes and providers feel the strain.

Truck SoloCarrier disruption - Your shipping providers are getting hit too. You rely on them for your revenue and when their service level drops, your profit is affected. Your goods may be delivered late or lost entirely as 3PLs come under strain.

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Stock lockdown - Centralised warehouses can become inoperable.
If your stock and distribution is over-concentrated in a small number of locations, your ability to fulfil sales is vulnerable to future outbreaks and lockdowns. Can you spread the stock, and reduce the risk?

Inoculate your business

These are the steps you can take right now to protect your margins and make immediate savings, with minimal entry cost. The full platform functionality of 7bridges can be installed within one month.

Clawback waste in 24 hours

Cross-check and re-claim: automated invoice audit identifies excessive or incorrect charges and launches re-claim procedure, for tighter control over costs. Start in 24 hours.

Strategise with data clarity in 2 weeks

Adapt to rapidly changing conditions: our A.I powered technology gives you rapid analysis and data to model and support critical decisions and discover new strategies.

Rapidly improve customer contact

Stay in touch with customers, protect your brand: real-time order tracking technology lets customer service staff deal with increased workload, monitor order status, keep customers up to date, and swiftly resolve queries.

Build resilience in less than 1 month

Work around delays and lockdowns: our global partner ecosystem connects you to multiple-carriers. Our intelligent, automated booking system adapts continuously to optimise your choice of best-value/best-performance carrier for each shipment.

Automate workflows in 4 weeks

Automated operations & process control: the inbuilt process control of 7bridges automates 90% of your booking workflow, eliminates error, improves efficiency and mitigates pressure on staff resources.


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Find out how the 7bridges' platform can transform your supply chain and logistics into a competitive advantage.

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