7bridges primed to scale with new VP of Engineering, Amy Heineike

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The expertise of our leadership team is growing yet again! After the recent announcement about our new CMO, we are delighted to welcome our new Vice President of Engineering, Amy Heineike. She comes to us with years of experience developing products that have powered immense growth at start-ups and scale-ups across the globe.

Why Amy makes a great addition to 7bridges

Matei Beremski, Chief Product Officer here at 7bridges, is excited about our most recent hire. He says, “I am more than thrilled to welcome Amy to the team. She’s a true veteran in the art of scaling data tech companies, having done so multiple times over the last 15 years on the West Coast. The team and I are lucky to have her and I am very much looking forward to continuing the acceleration of the 7bridges product and technology vision together.”

Amy started her career in London, modelling transportation changes and impacts. During that time, she worked on various projects but was most excited about contributing to the case for Crossrail (the Elizabeth line) which opened this year. Interestingly, Amy took that line for the first time on her way into the 7bridges office for her first day!

After her time in London, Amy focused on the hunt for better data. She shared that she has always been fascinated by how data and modelling can help us make sense of complex human systems, and how to build teams that solve customer problems using those technologies. Moving to California, Amy answered the data-filled siren call of the startup world.

Her first startup, Quid, gathers data on other emerging start-ups. There she developed ways to use network visualisations to enable analysts to spot emerging industries and to find trends in other rich data sets.

Primer AI, where Amy was on the founding team, uses Natural Language Processing technology for structuring and summarising large document sets including news and classified cables. The goal of which was to help analysts in government and large institutions see the forest for the trees, with clients including the US Airforce, Walmart and Singapore’s GIC. At Primer, she built out and scaled their data science and engineering teams, helping the company scale through their $110M Series C fundraising round in 2021. Amy later established their first international office in the UK in 2020.

What does this mean for 7bridges?

Not only is Amy a highly-skilled engineer, but she has also led scale-ups like 7bridges to success before. Being able to tap into her technical expertise and her business acumen at the same time is hugely exciting. As we continue growing, Amy is uniquely positioned to drive growth across all areas of the business.

When asked what convinced her 7bridges was the best move, Amy shared:Amy_Heineke_Headshot_17L3512_SQ1_Web

“I was drawn to 7bridges for the opportunity to build technology around the incredible global supply chain data here. The last couple of years have made it painfully clear how critical supply chains are to us all, and how vulnerable and fragile they can be.

I was very impressed with the talent and curiosity of the team, and look forward to helping us grow and scale.”

Already, Amy is hard at work breathing new life into our tech and engineering teams and getting them prepared to tackle the exciting challenges that come with growth.


How do I sign up?

We have a lot of things in the pipelines at 7bridges right now including new product launches, expanding with quite a few of our customers and lots of interesting challenges to tackle. The good news is, we’re hiring! All our teams, including marketing, are continuing to grow as we bring agile, data-backed decision making to our customers (like Clinigen, Ability Matters, and Thread) and drive supply chain innovation through AI.

With a global team and headquarters in Soho, London, we take pride in our collaborative, committed and curious culture. Joining 7bridges means working with talented professionals who want to make an impact. On our company, our solution, our customers, and our environment.


Want to work for one of the hottest AI startups in Europe? Join Amy and the rest of the 7bridges team on our journey! Check out our current job openings.

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