How 7bridges enables seamless shipping even in the face of disruption

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Disruption happens, we know. But when external events strike that are out of your control, it’s extremely important that they don’t derail your supply chain operations. This is always a risk, of course, but there needs to be some way around interruptions so that they don’t negatively impact you or your customers.

We’ve been working on options to try and mitigate this via the 7bridges platform. We know you need to maintain uninterrupted shipping operations even during disruptive events like strikes. But we’re excited to say we have a solution. We've developed an update to our platform that enables warehouse and supply chain managers to seamlessly generate and book domestic shipments with multiple carriers through 7bridges, even during disruptions.

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By providing us with data for your ERP system and your configured provider accounts, you can use the 7bridges platform to automatically generate and book domestic shipments, helping you navigate around volatile events that might be outside of your control. And thanks to our API plugins, you don’t even need to fully integrate that part of your setup with 7bridges.

What’s so great about this you might ask? 

Key Benefits:

  1. Operational continuity: Maintain supply chain activities without interruptions during disruptions. 
  2. Swifter responses: Instantly generate and book shipments to address unforeseen events, minimising logistical challenges. 
  3. Efficient resource use: Optimise shipping resource allocation for available options and routes during disruptions, and many more. 
  4. Improved Customer Satisfaction: By offering a seamless solution for domestic shipments during disruptions you can maintain or enhance customer satisfaction and loyalty.
  5. Minimised Disruption Impact: You can navigate disruptions more effectively, minimising the impact on your operations and maintaining a consistent supply chain.

So you can be sure that even in the face of highly disruptive events like strikes, you’ll be able to continue to deliver your goods ensuring performance, service continuity and satisfied customers.

Want to talk about how we can do the same for your supply chain? Get in touch.

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