4 things to talk to us about at Multimodal 2022

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Next week, 14th - 16th June, we’ll be exhibiting at Multimodal 2022’s flagship event in Birmingham! Multimodal is an inspiring event for the whole supply chain industry in the UK, Ireland and Northern Europe. It caters to all sectors with a range of sensational seminars, compelling community networking and exciting exhibitors. (Though we may be biased on that last bit.)

Our team will be there across all three days, meeting, greeting and talking about AI-powered logistics. Feel free to swing by— you can find us at stand 7013! Not sure what to say when you see us? Here are 4 things we love to talk about:


Supply planning with AI

Inventory forecasting is more complicated now than ever before. Demand is volatile, disruptions are ironically consistent and carrier prices are fluctuating wildly. This can all make it difficult to enable sustainable growth while keeping costs manageable. On top of that, acting fast and responding to the shifting market can require a lot of manual effort. So businesses need better tools to support their supply planning and create a seamless experience.

So what if you had the power to improve your supply chain and react to volatility and disruption rapidly in both the present and strategically in the long term? 7bridges can help you rapidly adapt to changes in demand and avoid potential bottlenecks before they happen, with dynamic and predictive inventory optimisation. We make sure your inventory is always where you need it when you need it.

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Data visibility

Many of the issues companies have with supply planning also have roots in data problems. Real end-to-end visibility of supply chains is rare, particularly when using third or fourth party logistics providers. Even your own data can be hard to get insight from when it’s siloed or inconsistent. Gaining more visibility over all of that data can create a huge impact on your business.

Particularly when paired with automation, increased visibility enables every shipment to be made in the optimal, most cost-effective way. Our AI can use that data to help companies build resilience, efficiency and sustainability into every layer of their supply chain.


Decision intelligence and automation

Your supply chain doesn’t need to have as many manual processes as you think. Many of the painful and time-consuming tasks and decisions needed to manage a supply chain can be automated. In addition, decisions across the supply chain are sometimes made based on emotional responses, past experience or insufficient available data.

Introducing artificial intelligence to your supply chain can help you save time, effort and even money (on average, 7bridges’ customers save 30-50% on their logistics costs alone). By supporting your supply chain with automated decisions and processes, your team could realise greater opportunities to take on more meaningful work and less busy work. It helps you automate and optimise your logistics decisions to drive better outcomes aligned to your goals.


Greener supply chains

Between increasing regulations and customer needs, businesses are feeling the rising pressure to go green. Reducing your supply chain’s carbon emissions has become a major goal for most organisations and the path to doing so is rife with complications. Whether you have already made great strides or are only just beginning, it’s easy to miss optimisation opportunities without the help of AI. It can also be difficult to get a baseline figure of current emissions. We work on both of those parts of your decarbonisation journey and have found ways to balance your commercial and sustainability goals.

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Those are just a few of our favourite topics, but we’re glad to talk about any challenges you might be facing with your logistics. If these do strike a chord with you, definitely come say hi! Our team will be excited to see you.


Already know you’re attending? We’d love to chat! Book a meeting with our team via the link below.

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