SupplyTech Breakthrough Awards recognises 7bridges for data innovation

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Supply chains have a data problem. A simple statement with complicated consequences. While data-driven business decisions have been the norm for some time, supply chains aren't always included in transformation projects. Often, that's because of the pain around their data.

For some, data sits in siloes, comes from different providers, and arrives in different formats, rendering it inaccessible. For others, it’s internal data that creates problems. That could mean not having historical data available or not having benchmark figures to compare against. But turning all that data-driven chaos into decision intelligence is what the 7bridges AI was created to do. 


This is why SupplyTech Breakthrough Awards has chosen us as their Overall Data Solution of the Year for 2022!

SupplyTech Breakthrough 2022-7bridges


The SupplyTech Breakthrough awards evaluate all the tools, services and companies in supply chain and logistics technology. Their goal? To identify and highlight the companies that stand out and break through the crowded supply chain and logistics market. With 1,200 other companies from 15 countries in the running for this award, a win is no mean feat! 

About our win, Bryan Vaughn, Managing Director of SupplyTech Breakthrough Awards, said:

“The 7bridges platform makes the complex simple, and gives companies the tools and features to make the most of that data output. 7bridges is uniquely positioned to help businesses enhance, and future-proof, their supply chains in ways that are more sustainable, resilient, cost-effective and efficient. Congratulations on being our choice for ‘Overall Data Solution of the Year!’”

To us, data is key. Data and AI unlock all the possibilities for supply chains that are resilient, sustainable and future-proof. But we couldn't do any of that without the 7bridges team.

Our product and tech teams have built this platform from the ground up. Our sales team have gotten it into the hands of people who need it and to bring them on board. Customer success are always at work behind the scenes to ensure our customers get real value and success from the platform. Marketing have built and grown our brand, fighting hard for this award. And our HR team are the ones who brought us all together and created an environment for us all to thrive in. Thank you to every person here at 7bridges! You earned this!

The 7bridges team, nearing 100 people now, has 14 dedicated data and AI professionals. Each of them pouring their knowledge and experience into our AI-powered logistics platform. Together, they make it grow, learn and help businesses like yours get more out of their supply chain and logistics data. 

Platform layer 1

Our AI analyses, standardises and optimises data from across a company's logistics operations. It also supplements this data with insights from our global network of third-party logistics providers and suppliers, to help organisations make smarter decisions about how to meet their supply chain and transportation challenges in an automated fashion. We pull all the data into one place and give users a holistic view of their entire logistics operation. 

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Philip Ashton, CEO and co-founder here at 7bridges, sees this win as a great opportunity for the future:

“As we move forward, we’re particularly excited about the use of our platform and data to make supply chains more sustainable,” he says. But beyond sustainability, 7bridges is hard at work on enhancing our tech offering. Keep an eye out for what comes next!

We’re grateful that the team at the SupplyTech Breakthrough Awards recognises the power data has. And that truly harnessing it in innovative ways can make an enormous impact on supply chains." 

Excited to see how 7bridges can help your supply chain realise its potential? Learn more about our platform or get in touch with our team!

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