Smarter supply chains platform 7bridges recognised by Supply & Demand Chain Executive

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This week, we won ourselves a well-deserved spot in the prestigious Top Supply Chain Projects 2023, awarded by Supply & Demand Chain Executive. This recognition shows off our commitment to innovation in the supply chain and logistics landscape. 

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Everything we do here at 7bridges is to empower supply chain professionals and showcase the power of data in creating more impactful, outcome-driven supply chains. And we are honoured that the Supply & Demand Chain Executive team was able to see all of that carried through in our work.

The importance of the Top Supply Chain Projects Award

Supply & Demand Chain Executive's annual Top Supply Chain Projects award recognises the most innovative and impactful projects each year that have transformed supply chain operations for the better. Earning a spot among these projects means that our outcome-driven approach not only works, but also succeeds when pitted against traditional supply chain strategies.

Our platform gives supply chain leaders the tools to create outcome-driven supply chains and make sure that these supply chains drive business goals. And that approach is what gave us the edge for this award. Not only are we here to make the day-to-today running of your supply chain more effective, we’re here to help you reinvent the way you, and your business, think about supply chains: moving from reactive to proactive.

A big thank you to our customers

The recognition of 7bridges as a Top Supply Chain Project by Supply & Demand Chain Executive wouldn’t have happened without our customers, especially the work we’ve done with Clinigen to help their supply chain drive important outcomes for their business. The story of that work is what helped us secure our win!

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Through our innovative platform, 7bridges has helped numerous organisations optimise their supply chain processes and achieve significant cost savings. From reducing transportation lead times and improving on-time deliveries to optimising carbon emissions and negotiating better rates with carriers, 7bridges has consistently empowered our customers to drive strategic outcomes through their supply chains.

Looking ahead

As 7bridges continues to make waves in the area of supply chain management , our recognition as a Top Supply Chain Project in 2023 reinforces our position as an industry leader and demonstrates the potential for disruptive innovation.

In the future, we hope to see outcome-driven supply chains become the foremost approach to supply chain management. We want outcome-driven principles to shape the future of logistics— driving efficiency, sustainability, and resilience across the global supply chain ecosystem!

Securing a spot in the Top Supply Chain Projects 2023 is a well-earned recognition for the work everyone on the 7bridges team has put in. We’re so proud of those involved and are looking forward to doing more award-winning work in the future! Thank you to the team over at Supply & Demand Chain Executive for choosing us!

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