How invoice auditing works with 7bridges

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You’ve seen the benefits of invoice auditing with AI, you’re ready to start your transformation journey and you feel like 7bridges is the team to do that with– so what comes next?

Getting started with our invoice auditing process is really easy

We won’t need anything complicated from you. In fact, all we need from you is your rate cards, contracts and invoices, as well as any spot rates and long-term agreements. Once we have that information, the real fun begins.


CASE STUDY: Cost-saving AI enabling Life-saving medical devices


All of this data is entered into the 7bridges platform and then we start establishing your baseline data. This means our AI looks at what you’re spending, how your network performs, and what providers you can access. After that initial baseline is created, we automate the pulling of invoices and contracts from you on an ongoing basis, so your results are updated automatically.

7 Bridges Comparison Chart V2

Here you can see how much of the process we handle ourselves

and how much direct involvement is needed from you.


As that data accumulates, it begins to paint a higher definition picture of your overall supply chain and can identify areas where you have opportunities to save or dispute. This picture is the beginnings of a digital twin of your supply chain. In doing this, you can also set a basis for more complex scenario planning in future. 


CASE STUDY: Rapid retail ramp-up in less than 1 month


Generally speaking, we drip feed data to the platform over the first 2-4 months of its implementation. That allows the analysis to update with new context and information continually. Orders are benchmarked initially against our wider dataset to find the quickest of quick wins, but with more data, we can provide more depth. And we can always set up custom constraints to ensure that our AI and your needs are aligned.

That said, we can begin to audit some parts of your setup from Day 1. We give you insights and indications of disputes that should be made straight away. Making sure you see value from the beginning is important to us, so we work toward rapid implementation. 


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