What we offer

Our technology will enable you to transform and future-proof your logistics, while saving 30% on your direct costs. Read on to discover how we can help your organisation use logistics to gain a competitive edge.

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What we offer

Eight ways 7bridges helps businesses gain competitive advantage through logistics.

The 7bridges platform uses smart technology to transform outdated, rules-based processes into agile, automated systems that continuously adapt to change. We’re confident that 7bridges is the last integration you need to future-proof your logistics.

Our platform saves our customers time & money: 30% savings on their direct costs.

We enable our clients to gain a competitive edge by scaling their business - fast, without additional headcount or technical investment.

We help businesses create financial transparency & operational efficiency by bringing all of their logistics data and processes under one roof.

We help organisations enter new markets & extend their offering by simulating expansion and connecting them to the best carriers (at the right price).

We facilitate sustainable shipping by minimising our customers’ carbon footprint and packaging waste.

Our platform protects against supply chain shocks (e.g. COVID-19) by immediately reacting and adapting decision-making to offer stability.

We help our clients improve customer experiences & boost retention by enabling greater delivery choice, real-time order tracking and seamless returns.

Our technology automates menial, frustrating work tasks for our customers, helping employees focus on high-value activities and increase productivity.

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