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Why 7bridges

7bridges helps you quickly optimise your logistics processes and realise huge cost savings of up to 30%. On average, our customers save 8-12 times their investment in our platform, and reach ROI in just 4-6 weeks.

Discover more about the solutions we offer, and how they can help you unleash the power of your logistics.

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Recoup revenue: identify & dispute overpayments.

The fastest route to save 5% on your logistics costs! The 7bridges Audit Package normalises invoice data from all of your suppliers and automates the review process for your AP team. Our smart technology detects and disputes invoice errors, so you can save time and rapidly reduce your logistics spend. It can even allocate charges to general ledger (GL) codes, offering you greater insights into your category margins.

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Optimise PACKAGE

Gain control: improve logistics performance & recapture margin.

The 7bridges Optimise package combines all the benefits of the Audit Package with advanced performance insights and rate procurement tools. We’ll help you understand how your suppliers perform across different products, channels and regions. You can use this intelligence to renegotiate your rates and SLAs, so you can lower your costs, and recapture margin on every shipment you make. We’ll also recommend the carriers that can help you expand and improve your offering: whether it’s a new delivery type, a greener service or a regional connector.

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Unleash the power of your logistics with our smart, scalable platform.

The Automate Package gives you access to all eight modules in the 7bridges platform. Together they will transform your outdated, rules-based logistics processes into a single, agile and automated system, enabling you to scale at speed and save 30% on your direct costs.

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5 reasons to choose the Automate package

5 reasons to choose the Automate package.

Most logistics operations are run across fragmented, rules-based systems that are unresponsive to changing conditions, which take time and money to adapt. 7bridges replaces disparate tools and processes with one automated platform that is flexible, scalable and continuously adapting to changes within your business (and the external logistics landscape).

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Boost category margins.

The platform is fuelled by our proprietary Optimisation Engine (L.E.O), that uses real-time calculations to offer the best business outcomes on every single shipment you make. Our customers save 30% on their direct costs!

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Delight & retain your customers.

It also helps you improve front-end delivery experiences by increasing ‘On Time, In Full’ (OTIF) metrics, streamlining returns, reducing your carbon footprint, decreasing packaging waste, and offering new delivery types - so you can delight and retain your customers.

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Experience value from day one.

7bridges delivers results - fast. Implementation can take as little as two weeks, and the platform demonstrates its value from the first day of integration. Quick value is obtained through actionable insights, quick wins and offered advice on strategic changes to create efficiencies and significant cost savings.

On average, our customers save 8 - 12 times their investment in our platform, and reach ROI in just 4 - 6 weeks.

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Create operational visibility & financial transparency.

Everything is accessible via a simple user interface (U.I ) or flexible API. It's easy-to-use for all of your employees: from your CFO, to the newest recruits working in your warehouses or stores. It automates and streamlines menial processes, to reduce stress, save valuable working hours and increase accuracy from start to finish.

The platform brings everything under one roof, and creates greater transparency for your business by showing you a real-time view of your logistics costs, operations and performance (all at the click of a button).

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Scale your business, using smart technology.

7bridges enables you to rapidly scale your business and enter new markets, without additional headcount or technical investments. Our smart technology continuously adapts to a continuously changing landscape - giving you the competitive edge, whatever the future brings.