7bridges - platform modules.

Our platform is made up of eight powerful modules, each designed to optimise a key part of your logistics by increasing efficiency, reducing waste, and boosting your profit margins.

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Use logistics services to increase basket size.

The Sell module enables you to meet your customers’ delivery expectations, while keeping costs down (for you, and for them). It allows your customer to dictate when and how their goods are received, by offering them extensive shipping choices. The module can also boost basket sizes by offering your customers discounted goods at the point of purchase, based on your criteria and available stock from dispatch locations.

Benefits of Sell

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Reduce shipping costs.
Airplane and truck
Offer more delivery choices.
Cardboard packages and boxes
Increase basket size by pushing discounted consolidation opportunities.

How it works

When a customer makes an order, they are shown multiple fulfilment options based on the real-time availability and the location of your stock.

Delivery windows and prices are dynamic: they take into account the current capacity, performance and price of your carriers.

The customers’ delivery location is checked by the module’s validation and verification technology, to ensure the shipment can be made successfully, without delay.

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Key features

  • Upfront address validation & verification

  • Stock dependent fulfilment options & costs

  • Dynamic shipping costs for online baskets

  • Access to more carriers & services


Save time, recapture margin and reduce waste on every order you ship.

The Send module optimises your packing, routing and carrier selection processes according to current conditions. It creates operational efficiencies, delivers significant cost savings, reduces packaging waste, improves sustainability and raises ‘On Time, In Full’ (OTIF) performance.

Send secures the best business outcomes on every shipment you make, by replacing outdated and inflexible rules-based decision making with smart, real-time calculations. Stock-outs are avoided, your logistics costs stay low, deliveries are expedited and environmental targets are met - whatever internal or external obstacles your business faces.

The module also improves the accuracy of input data and staff productivity, by simplifying and automating order fulfilment processes. The intuitive user interface (U.I) is quick to learn, and removes the pain of using multiple poorly-designed systems. This reduces your training needs and offers a better working experience for employees.

Benefits of Send

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Save time preparing & sending orders.
Wind turbine
Minimise environmental impact.
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Reduce costs for every order.

How it works

The Send module is powered by smart, AI technology that continuously adapts to changing circumstances.

When an order is received, its intelligent algorithm automatically selects the best dispatch site, route and carrier for the shipment. It balances complex real-time predictions including; the availability of inventory and packaging materials, operational capacity, carrier price and historical performance, estimated shipping times, the likelihood of route disruptions and environmental impact. This ensures that your orders arrive on time, at the lowest price and with a reduced carbon footprint.

The Send module creates operational efficiencies by simplifying the process of preparing and sending orders. Its intuitive U.I. guides your warehouse and site staff through the packing process, and helps them to minimise material waste and package sizes.
The module will even automate your shipment booking processes from start to finish - selecting a carrier, generating labels and ensuring cross-border documentation is met.  This saves time for employees, and removes the pain of manual scheduling.

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Key features

  • Fully automated booking process & multi-carrier label generation

  • Environmental impact carrier optimisation [in alpha]

  • Smart order consolidation

  • Cross-border booking automation

  • Packing & packaging optimisation

  • Optimised dispatch location for multi-site shipping

  • 24/7 support for your customer services team


Efficiently pack and dispatch orders on time.

The Operate module helps you understand, optimise and accelerate the performance of your dispatch processess across multiple sites and carriers.

It provides a comprehensive overview of your operations - so you can uncover bottlenecks, avoid stock-outs and achieve your OTIF metrics. This enables you to meet delivery expectations and maintain a consistent customer experience, no matter which location an order is shipped from.

Benefits of Operate

truck and warehouse

Oversee multiple dispatch sites & carriers.

Shop and warehouse

Uncover bottlenecks in warehouses & stores.

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meet customer expectations.

How it works

The Operate module gives you advanced control and visibility over your dispatch performance metrics across different sites and suppliers.

It can save time for your staff, and expedite pickup scheduling by automating the process (so there’s no need to call your account manager whenever there’s a new shipment).

The module contains detailed dispatch reports, which you can use to identify sites with performance issues. You’ll also be forewarned of potential stockouts - thanks to the stock replenishment predictions report.

Operate ensures booked orders are packed and ready to go, and shipments leave on time.

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Key features

  • Multi-site & multi-carrier performance monitoring

  • Stock replenishment predictions

  • Purchase-order tracking

  • Automated pickup scheduling

  • Order fulfilment tracking for split shipping, consolidated shipping & on-hold orders


Track orders and shipments across carriers, in real-time.

The Monitor module can impact your bottom line by improving customer experience and boosting retention rates.

It offers a seamless order experience for your customers, by enabling them to follow their order in real-time via a fully white-labelled tracking link. It removes uncertainty, and puts an end to the frustration of tracking goods via third-party sites.

It can also lower your indirect costs and employee stress levels, by reducing the burden of order tracking for your customer support specialists. The Monitor module shows them a live order status at the click of a button; saving them time and helping them quickly resolve customer queries.

Benefits of Monitor

Monitor with heart and thumbs up icon on the screen

Offer a seamless order experience.

Alarm clock

Save time tracking orders.

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Track everything from one simple UI or via an API.

How it works

The Monitor module consolidates information from all of your internal systems and suppliers, and brings it into a simple, single user interface (U.I). This enables instant access to real-time order status, for both your customers and your support team. You can choose how to display this information - via a fully branded tracking page, or through our flexible API.

If a client chooses to call your customer service team, your staff can immediately retrieve up-to-date information. It doesn’t matter which site the order originates from, the supplier that’s carrying it, or the region it’s traversing - everything’s brought together in a single view, via the Monitor U.I. This saves your employees vital time, and keeps your customers informed and happy.

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Key features

  • Real-time shipment updates to customers & support staff

  • Accurate delivery window updates

  • White-labeled tracking pages

  • 24/7 support for your customers

  • Improved delivery experience & ability to capture feedback


Simplify and automate your returns process.

The Return module can help you to improve your retention rate by simplifying returns for customers. It can also reduce employee stress, by minimising the associated manual processes for your customer support specialists.

At the click of a button, the Return module will generate all the necessary paperwork for label generation and cross-border returns. The intelligent algorithm will determine the best carrier to ensure a speedy recovery of goods, minimising your risk of inventory loss on route. It will even select the best destination to which goods should be returned, based on overall replenishment costs: as a result, your warehouses can afford to hold less stock.

Benefits of Return

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Reduce carrier costs & access dedicated returns services.

Shipping crates

Route via pooling points to consolidate & reduce spend.

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Offer a seamless returns experience.

How it works

If a customer chooses to return an order, they can initiate the process from their initial confirmation email. They’ll be taken to a fully white-labeled tracking page, and guided through a simple, seamless returns process.

The Return module will automatically select - in real time - the optimum carrier, route and destination (based on stock distribution), and generate all the required documentation, including labels. You can then track the return back to your warehouse or site, allowing much better stock planning.

If your customer does need extra assistance, we’re on hand to provide it with an international support service, 24/7.

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Key features

  • Automated multi-carrier label generation

  • Cross-border returns

  • White-labeled returns U.I. & tracking pages

  • 24/7 support for your customers

  • Optimised returns routing

  • Drop-off & pickup service options


Automate invoice processing and coding, and save 5% on costs.

The Audit module frees your AP team from manually reviewing, disputing and allocating invoice charges. It increases financial transparency and offers deeper insights into your category margins. On average, our customers reduce their logistics costs by 5% when activating this module.

Benefits of Audit

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Save 5% on logistics spend.

Bar charts with a upwards facing  green arrow

Identify supplier SLA breaches.

Upright notepad and magnifying glass

Free your AP team from manual invoice reviews.

How it works

The Audit module standardises and cleans invoice data from all of your suppliers. It automatically detects unexplained charges by checking directly against contracted rates, SLAs and delivery performance. The module can even automate the dispute process for you!

You can also use the module to gain a better understanding of your category margins, by instructing it to automate the GL coding of your logistics invoices.

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Key features

  • Automated detection of irregular or unexplained charges

  • Automated dispute process

  • Automated GL coding

  • Single, harmonised view of invoices across providers


Benefit from actionable performance insights.

The Report module helps you understand how your carriers execute across different routes, products and delivery types.
It brings everything together under one roof, creating greater transparency into your logistics performance, costs and specific category margins.

Its comprehensive reporting enables you to identify problems and make informed strategic decisions about your supplier network. Enhanced performance visibility can also act as a negotiation aid, so you can reduce your supplier costs, optimise OTIF metrics and improve customer delivery experiences.

Benefits of Report

Rounded square disks connected to a cloud icon

Access a single, clean & harmonised logistics dataset.

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Identify savings opportunities.

Line graph and bar chart

Create performance visibility.

How it works

The Report module gathers insights from across your logistics network, standardises the data and offers a comprehensive overview of supplier performance.

At the click of a button, your finance team can access vital information, such as a summary of your total logistics costs, carrier performance and insights into category P&L.

The module can also be configured to provide bespoke data-feeds and tailored dashboards - to help you understand your logistics operations at a granular level - regardless of region, supplier, route or delivery type.

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Key features

  • Standardised reporting

  • Bespoke dashboards

  • Bespoke data-feeds

  • Suggested saving opportunities


Negotiate the best contracts and simulate their real impact.

The Procure module helps you recapture margin on orders by rapidly lowering your logistics spend. It gives you the ability to improve customer experience and expand your offering - by connecting you to suppliers that offer new delivery types, greener services or regional connections. Our status as a volume purchaser will ensure you secure the best rates when you engage new carriers.

Benefits of Procure

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Expand your carrier network.

Bar charts with a upwards facing  green arrow

Enter new markets.

Bar and line chart graph white and green

Simulate the impact of new contracts on capabilities & costs.

How it works

The Procure module accelerates your procurement operations by automating time-intensive processes such as contract evaluation, RFP creation and multi-step bidding.

We’ve embedded advanced insights from our global carrier network into the tool, so you’re always recommended the best supplier for the job, at the right price for your unique requirements.

Procure produces the best results when used in tandem with the Report module. Together, they offer you detailed performance insights and the ability to renegotiate your existing supplier rates and SLAs.

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Key features

  • Contract evaluation

  • Insight-driven negotiation levers & supplier suggestions

  • Support for multi-step bidding

Maximise impact across your organisation.

Each module is powerful in its own right - but when used in tandem, their impact is multiplied to generate greater efficiencies and cost savings for your organisation.