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Why choose 7bridges

The 7bridges AI powered supply chain management solution generates ROI in just four weeks, and drives 30% savings on direct costs for our customers. Unlike other logistics technologies, we’re fast to integrate: for many, the process takes less than two weeks.

Our platform is flexible and scalable - and comes without the capital expenditure (CapEx) needed to build and maintain your own tools.

We’re confident that the 7bridges platform is the last logistics integration you’ll ever need to make, to future-proof your business.

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Benefits of our platform

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2 weeks to integrate.

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30% savings on direct costs.

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4 weeks to reach ROI.

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The 7bridges platform

The three layers of 7bridges platform

Our innovative logistics platform comprises three interconnected layers:

1) Our intuitive User Interface (U.I) and flexible Application Programming Interface (API)
2) Our industry-leading Artificial Intelligence (A.I) Logistics Engine Optimisation "L.E.O"
3) Our global ecosystem of suppliers and partners.

All your logistics data & processes, under one roof

The 7bridges platform brings together all of your logistics data and processes and makes them accessible from a single, easy-to-use U.I (or via our API). This offers you unprecedented visibility and control over your costs, operations and performance.

One U.I for everyone in your business

We’ve designed 7bridges to make logistics easier for everyone in your business; from your AP team, procurement specialists and supply chain managers, to your customer support agents and warehouse operatives.

Tools for all your logistics needs

The platform contains eight modules, designed to optimise a key area of your logistics. Each module is accessible via the intuitive interface (so there’s no need to log into multiple tools or systems!).

Easier for everyone

7bridges makes logistics easy for everyone in your business:

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Your AP team.

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Procurement specialists.

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Supply chain managers.

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Customer support agents.

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Warehouse operatives.

Benefits of the 7bridges U.I

Automates menial tasks and increases accuracy

Simplifies operations and reduces training needs across your business.

Offers unparalleled insights
and control over your logistics.

Powered by our proprietary A.I technology, "L.E.O"

The platform is fuelled by our proprietary technology, L.E.O (Logistics Engine for Optimisation). It gives your business the competitive edge - by delivering the best results on every order you fulfil.

Continuous learning and optimisation

L.E.O is constantly learning: adapting to changing conditions and refining its decision-making processes. It balances numerous variables in real-time, such as business constraints, operational capacity, available inventory by site, carrier prices and performance, estimated shipment times, the risk of external disruptions and environmental impact.

Logistics resilience, whatever the future holds

At a strategic level, the technology offers you a significant advantage over your competitors. L.E.O is inherently flexible and adaptable, and instantly responds to shock changes in supply or demand, such as the COVID-19 crisis. This enables you to predict, model and quickly respond to a shifting logistics landscape (so you can maintain service levels and ensure profitable business growth, while others struggle to update their outdated, rules-based processes).

L.E.O at work

This is just one example of how L.E.O drives down your costs, increases productivity and improves sustainability at an order level.

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When your warehouse staff receive an order, L.E.O will have already chosen the best dispatch site, route and carrier for the shipment.

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The U.I will guide your employees through the dispatch process by recommending optimal packing materials and configurations.

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It saves them time, by automatically creating all of the necessary labeling and paperwork for the order - all at the click of a button.

7bridges A.I technology
enables you to:

Model and implement
new fulfilment strategies

Rapidly scale operations
in new regions and product areas.

Instantly react
to shock changes
in supply or demand.

Global partner ecosystem & trusted carrier network

Our platform connects your business to a large network of trusted logistics service providers, and enables you to access their services at the click of a button.

Stay ahead of the game

We’re constantly integrating to new carriers - so you can stay ahead of the game, by offering the latest delivery trends at the most competitive prices.

Fast & flexible shipping

Whether it’s same-day or sustainable shipping, we’ll get you up to speed in no time, with no CapEx investment required.

Keep control of what you store

Our partner ecosystem enables you to control much more of your operations, including the way you pack and store your inventory.

Connect to our system in no time

Connecting to our network is easy. For many, it takes just two weeks to integrate. If you happen to be using a tool that’s outside of our network, we’ll swiftly build a new connection for you.

Our shipping ecosystem

Our integration partners offer a wide range of services to help you enter new markets, improve your carbon footprint and rapidly test packaging and fulfilment options.

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The 7bridges partner network offers:

Instantly react
to shock changes
in supply or demand.

Greater choice of logistics services e.g. greener / cheaper / faster.

Seamless integration
to your wider business, for enhanced visibility and control.