Baseline & benchmarking layer

Gain full visibility of your logistics supplier data to baseline your operations and drive performance, improve profitability, and cash flow.


Regain control over your logistics


3X ROI with 12 months of signing


Auto dispute to recover an average 8% cost savings


Implement in under 10 weeks


Understand the true cost of logistics to your business

Don’t let ‘just pay it’ become the default response with your supplier invoices


With just the data you already receive in your invoices, 7bridges can help you start your journey towards a smarter supply chain. Using our Baseline & Benchmarking layer you can start making your supply chain more adaptive, responsive and resilient.


By ingesting contract and rate card data alongside your invoices, we can help you baseline your supply chain performance and benchmark it against your industry, to ensure you’re competitive. With a complete, normalised, cleansed and granular baseline dataset you’re able to gain complete visibility of service levels, costs and emissions

Identify and optimise your supplier data

Baseline & benchmarking helps you understand exactly where you are and how your supply chain is performing. With full visibility across your operations you can make smarter decisions to help improve your logistics performance. See all of our use cases:

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How do I track carrier performance?

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How do I know what I am spending on and where?


How can I calculate cost to serve?

Key features


Gain a holistic view of supply chain performance and costs


Drive better decision making and create efficiencies


Baseline your levels of service, cost and emissions


Ensure that you’re paying for the levels of service you’re receiving


Gain transparency over unpredictable freight charges


Understand where value can be realised


Discover our platform

Learn more about the 7bridges AI powered supply chain management solution, and how it can transform your business for a competitive advantage.


Other layers

Simulation layer

Improve procurement processes to get better rates and performance, while harnessing AI simulations to make informed decisions about supply chain performance

Automation layer

Create a more resilient and responsive supply chain, ensuring goods always get to your customers when they want them in the most efficient fashion

Emissions layer

Measure and report on your emissions, enabling you to complying with incoming regulation and make a competitive edge out of your logistics