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7bridges provides an AI powered supply chain management solution with the mission of making it easy for our customers to overcome the challenge of data to connect supply to demand and implement world-class logistics.

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Our Customers

We work with visionary, high-growth businesses from all sorts of industries

The 7bridges platform can handle logistics operations from any industry, no matter how complex. Our use cases solve pain-points for customers in med-tech, healthcare, retail and manufacturing. Learn about some logistics transformations we have enabled for our customers and get in touch so that we can explore use-cases specific to your business.

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“Two months after starting with 7bridges, our costs were down 20%, and now we are on track for over 40% savings as we roll it out across the company.”

James Lyons, Operations Director
Ability Matters Group

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“Two months after starting with 7bridges, our costs were down 20%, and now we are on track for over 40% savings as we roll it out across the company.”

James Lyons, Operations Director
Ability Matters Group

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What our clients think

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Leadership Team

Philip Ashton

Founder & CEO

From a background in analysis and development in management consultancy (Oliver Wyman) and specialist logistics provision (World Courier), Philip co-founded 7bridges to apply customised AI to logistics operations.

Matei Beremski

Founder & CTO

Before co-founding 7bridges, Matei worked in big data analysis and product management at BNP Paribas and IBM, specialising in supply chain analytics and sports analytics for television.

Steve O'Keeffe

Director of Sales

Steve has over 20+ yrs experience in the Software world , 10 of those focused on building and leading Sales teams. He worked with some of the fastest growing software organisations including RightNow Technologies, acquired by Oracle, Compuware, Network Associates and DPD.

Simon Lewis

Head of Customer Success

Simon has spent over 10 years in various Sales and Operations roles, ranging from Chief of Staff at a Medtech enterprise to Commercial Director at a gin distillery start-up. He also worked as a strategy consultant at Kearney, specialising in go-to-market strategy and global transformations.

Dora Birna Sigurjonsdottir

Chief Marketing Officer

Dora is an internationally experienced marketing leader with background in B2B, B2C & D2C, with a special interest in various tech industries. Dora has a proven track record in building and developing capable diverse teams that develop strong brands and deliver successful campaigns that drive hyper growth.

John Tobin

Chief People Officer

John is an HR & transformation business leader with over 20 years experience ranging from his own start-up through to a Fortune 10. In 2015 he joined data bureau Callcredit following a PE-backed MBO as part of a leadership team which doubled the value of the business in 3 years before selling to TransUnion. Prior to joining 7bridges,  John was VP Global HR at specialty logistics leader World Courier.

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Our Story

The 7bridges vision has been to revolutionise the logistics space through software the way that Salesforce did for commercial operations

The business was founded by Philip Ashton and Matei Beremski in 2016. Philip had spent time working at a speciality logistics provider, and saw first-hand the systemic challenges that companies faced with their logistics. He realised it was possible to create a solution, and he bought Matei on board, to help him realise his vision. 7bridges was born, named after the classical maths problem ‘the seven bridges of Königsberg’, with the aim of bringing a new way of data driven thinking to the market.

The team has since expanded across Europe and the US, and supports customers around the world. The company was named by Business Insider as one of the 15 Hottest AI Startups in Europe in 2020, on the heels of its $3.4million seed funding round, which was led by Acequia Capital, Local Globe and Crane.

At the start of 2022, the company announced $17 million in series A funding, a clear sign of the opportunity in the market to address and fix how supply chains work. Eight Roads has led the round for London-based 7bridges, with Local Globe and Crane also providing additional funding. Shipping behemoth Maersk has also joined as a strategic backer, and will also be working with us to integrate its logistics and shipping data into the platform, providing a wealth of new data for our proprietary AI, LEO, to learn and grow from as we continue to make the complex simple when it comes to logistics operations.

In June 2022, 7bridges won the 'Overall Data Solution Of The Year' prize, in the SupplyTech Breakthrough Awards.

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Our Name

What’s in a name?

The company’s name is a reference to the classical maths problem ‘the seven bridges of Königsberg’, from which network analysis originated: this is the foundation upon which the 7bridges platform is built.

The town of Königsberg was known for the seven bridges connecting the islands that made it up. For a long while, villagers were convinced it was possible to visit each island without crossing back on themselves across the same bridge. They would challenge each other (often after a few pints in the local taverns!) to do it.

No one ever managed the feat, and it was eventually proven mathematically impossible by Euler, using his newly developed branch of mathematics, graph theory.

We see logistics following a similar pattern - there are many known solutions and anecdotal assertions - but in fact, you should just trust the mathematics which tells you the unequivocal answer.