How resilient is your supply chain? Can your company withstand further disruption and price shocks? Will you maintain customer loyalty in the face of further shipping delays?

Read the Guide to Supply Chain Resilience for 2022 And Beyond for practical strategies that you can rapidly implement to ensure a profitable year ahead.

Read the Supply Chain Resilience Guide

If your business is concerned by supply chain risk, this guide will help you answer the following questions: "How can we protect sales volumes and margins? How can we shield operations from rising logistics costs? How can we plan and respond to supply chain risks?".

This guide contains:
  1. Explanation of why logistics costs have risen and continue to stay high

  2. Case studies from businesses that have built resilience into their supply chain

  3. Strategies your organisation can adopt in Q1 2022

  4. Guidance on how to conduct supply chan contingency planning

The Supply Chain Resilience Guide offers solutions to the challenges faced by businesses across industries and continents, illustrated by real world case studies. You will learn:

distributed stock

The benefits of holding distributed stock and deploying multiple fulfilment points to create resilience


How multi-provider logistics and dynamic carrier switching can dramatically decrease supply chain risk (and reduce costs by 30%)


How simple artificial intelligence (AI) tools can give you total transparency and unparalleled visibility of your true logistics costs


Why you should run regular simulations to predict and model changes and disruptions to your supply chain (and how to do it!)

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