Emissions layer

Accurately measure and report on your emissions, enabling you to understand emissions across your logistics service providers and take positive action based on the data

7bridges Emissions layer - platform

Understand and improve on your emissions


Gain visibility into and control over your emissions


Identify how to improve your emissions, enabling you to drive and protect revenue


Reduce the overall emissions of your supply chain


Improve customer conversion rates - 3 in 4 customers look for climate positive brands

The easiest way to report logistics emissions


By analysing your supplier invoices we can calculate your logistics emissions based on the shipment weight, mode of transport, and distance travelled, giving us all the information we need to calculate emissions for every one of your shipments.


You’re able to automate reporting with regularity and accuracy, while identifying where and how to make improvements. You’re also able to compare emissions sources and identify areas where improvement is most needed.


Ensuring you’re able to take positive steps to reduce the emissions that your supply chain logistics generates.

Key features


Calculate and standardise emissions across your logistics service providers


Understand your emissions per shipment and identify opportunities to improve them


Create new sustainability budgets through cost savings


Emissions calculated rapidly and measured on an ongoing basis


Gain a complete picture of your logistics emissions


Free sustainability leads and teams from having to try to manually calculate emissions


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Setup is rapid, requires no IT resource and can be automated for ongoing performance improvement once complete.


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