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Keeping all your provider data in one place is vital for organising your supply chain. It gives you a birds-eye view of your operations and improves visibility, allowing you to have complete control. Without a centralised view, you can lose control over provider accounts and potentially miss contract expiration dates.

Our platform ingests, combines, and organises your invoices, contracts, and rate cards to provide you with a clear and informative overview of your providers. 

Provider data in the 7bridges platform

All your provider data in one place


Efficient management of provider data in one centralised place

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Get timely account expiration alerts to prepare you for contract negotiations

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Quick overview metrics for more effective decision-making

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Detailed provider insights at individual account level screens

Clear summary of your supply chain performance

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Our platform ingests, combines, and organises your invoices, contracts, and rate cards. This provides you with a clear and informative overview of your providers.


Our UI solves the problem of scattered data by consolidating all your provider contracts into one place. Because the platform consolidates and analyses your data, you have peace of mind by knowing how changes in your network, like contract modifications, can affect your SLAs and costs.

Key benefits

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Improved visibility with a centralised view of provider data

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Prevents the loss of control over provider accounts by notifying when expiration dates approach


Solves the problem of scattered data, consolidating provider contracts

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Provides a quick snapshot of current provider status, enabling faster decision-making

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Offers flexibility in data exploration, allowing you to view and analyse provider data

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Get a detailed view of each provider, enhancing the ability to manage and interact with individual accounts effectively

Assess your network based on comprehensive provider data

Track key metrics, monitor performance, and identify areas for improvement as simply as possible. With full visibility across your operations, you can make smarter, data-backed decisions to help improve your logistics performance. Our use cases cover things like:

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How do I know what I’m spending on and where?


How can I calculate the cost to serve?

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How can I optimise my supply chain network to improve service performance?


How do I ensure that I am fulfilling my orders, automatically, in the optimal way?


How can I make sure I have the right terms with the right logistics partners?


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