Simulation layer

Harness data powered simulations to make more informed decisions about the performance of your supply chain

7bridges Simulation Layer

Use data to drive decision making


Make strategic choices about your supply chain

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Increase the speed and reduce the cost of procurement exercises


Expand your carrier network and enter new markets

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Plan how to counter disruption ahead of time

Understand the potential impact of every decision you make

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Using our Simulation layer, you can use the power of our platform to ask questions of your supply chain, whether they’re small, large or in-between. And then you can use those answers to drive the right outcomes for your business.


You can run simulations to test things like making changes to your network operations, new routes to emissions reduction, improving your procurement processes or changing up your distribution network.

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Our simulations use your actual data to create an accurate reproduction of your network, so you can be sure that the recommended outcomes are tailored to your supply chain.

Key features


Ensure you secure the right suppliers and contracts for your needs

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Use simulations to test against potential future changes to counter disruption ahead of time


Embed data driven decisioning intelligence into your supply chain

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Identify potential bottlenecks and prepare your responses ahead of time

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Be better positioned to make smarter, more strategic choices about your supply chain

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Understand the impact of changes before having to push them live


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Other layers

Baseline & benchmarking layer

Gain full visibility of your logistics supplier data and costs to regain control, drive performance and improve profitability

Automation layer

Create a more resilient and responsive supply chain, ensuring goods always get to your customers when they want them in the most efficient fashion