Insider’s View: Pharma logistics trends in 2024


Pharma transport and logistics experts Sam Herbert (Previously President of World Courier and COO of Clinigen) joined Philip Ashton (CEO and cofounder of 7bridges) to discuss the Pharma Logistics and supply chain trends you simply can’t ignore in 2024.

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The logistics pharma trends you can't ignore


Sponsor savings targets

You can’t save if you don’t know your spend and you can’t improve if you don’t have the right data."

Logistics providers, pharmaceutical manufacturers and service providers need to partner closely and leverage data for efficient operations.

Streamlined processes will deliver a healthier bottom line for all.

Gain visibility on costs


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Transport provider growth targets

Growth targets mean expanding networks and embracing technology collaboratively for the good of your business and your customers.

Sharing goals and objectives openly will allow logistics providers and pharma distributors to forge strong partnerships, utilising data for seamless transportation.

Proactive logistics simulations

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Price-based-value shifting to service-based-value

Simple rate cards are a thing of the past, and will get replaced with new technology and new approaches. 

This is where full transparency on data is critical to drive improvements whether those are operational or commercial improvements. 

How to monitor terms & SLAs


Vendor relationships evolving into true partnerships

"Smart logistics tools means fewer surprises, better rates, and optimal service for all. It ensure continuity of supply - right patient, right drug, right time and improves partnerships based on transparency of data.

True partnerships where all involved align on goals, objectives, emissions, performance, cost in any combination." 

Build relationships through procurement


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Lack of current data to face increased disruptions

"We all know that to execute on bad data risks disrupting your entire network.

If you don’t have technology at the core of your decision making you have no ability to adapt and change “in the moment”, you’ll always be reactive.

Everyone needs to prioritise data sharing and transparency."  

More resilience. More agility. Less complexity.


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