A faster route to gaining visibility in supply chain costs

To gain visibility over your logistics spending you need to get a handle on your data - this is the crucial item to make smarter business decisions. But getting and analysing the logistics data you need can be extremely time intensive and often impossible to accurately connect together, hampering operations and making it harder to make fully data-informed decisions.

Our platform allows you to get visibility across your logistics network by getting your data in a comparable, concise format. 

Gain full control over your logistics spend

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Complete visibility across your supply chain

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Improve decision-making across your business

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Make like-for-like comparisons of invoices for easier processing

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Gain comprehensive insights into all costs and performance

Consolidate invoices for comprehensive insights

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Our platform ingests and standardises all of your invoices and ensures that all of your data is speaking the same language. This means you can drill in or cut the data any way you want and discover exactly what your cost to serve is for any part of your customer base.

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The result is complete, granular visibility across your supply chain. By simply providing us with your invoice data we can turn that into an actionable overview of how your supply chain is performing, including costs and SLAs.

Key benefits


Gain comprehensive, unified and comparable format for all logistics data

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Incorporate standard data language and facilitate detailed analysis of cost and performance

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Drill into data according to your needs, with complete flexibility


Get an overview of all your shipments with filtering options by warehouse, supplier, geography, and more

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Gather granular insights into different aspects of the supply chain to improve decision-making

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Gain holistic visibility across your supply chain to measure costs and SLAs accurately

Solve the logistics spend challenge

Unlock the full power of logistics data to solve your spend and performance issues. With full visibility across your operations, you can make smarter, data-backed decisions to help improve your logistics performance. Our use cases cover things like:

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How can I optimise my supply chain network for cost and performance?


How can I calculate the cost to serve?

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How can I use benchmarking data to optimise my supply chain network?


How do I ensure that I am fulfilling my orders, automatically in the optimal way?


How can I make sure I have the right terms with the right logistics partners?


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