Transport & Logistics Procurement

Boost performance, save time and build stronger relationships. Turn procurement into a capability not an activity. And reduce the time taken by 50%

7bridges Procurement Exercise 42%

Supercharge your procurement processes


Currently, procurement is something that most businesses run as an activity. They need teams of people to prepare for each procurement activity for months, and then spend months running it.

What if there was a more efficient way of doing this? With 7bridges, there is.

We can help you treat procurement as a capability - a muscle you can flex and work out consistently, rather than distinct activities.

You can complete procurement processes faster and more efficiently, with a wider selection of potential providers that will save you time and money while increasing your effectiveness.


We'll halve the time it takes to get to the best terms for your business


The 7bridges procurement process

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Understand your current providers performance and emissions

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Benchmark current rates and suggest ideal partners and terms

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Simulate multiple scenarios to optimise all of your network

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Assess and test provider responses, before negotiating and agreeing terms

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Monitor ongoing performance to ensure your terms are being met

We'll halve the time it takes to get to the best terms for your business

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Average savings of 29%

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18% better procurement rates

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Reduce time taken to procure by 50%

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Understand the true cost of logistics to your business

Get visibility that will give you negotiation insights to better manage your carriers 

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Get visibility into benchmarked rates and you'll be at an advantage when dealing with your carriers, having the data to compare service levels and prices on a like-for-like basis.

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Tracking your invoice charges against quoted rates, tracking performance against agreed service levels, disputing erroneous charges and staying on top of the mountain of data that your network of suppliers creates is practically impossible.

Identify and optimise your supplier data

Understand exactly where you are and how your supply chain is performing. With full visibility across your operations, you can make smarter decisions to help improve your logistics performance. See all of our use cases:

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How do I track carrier performance?

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How do I know what I am spending on and where?


How can I calculate cost to serve?

Key benefits for your transport & logistics procurement 

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Reduce the impact of annual price rises
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Drive better decision making and create efficiencies
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Understand ways to improve your service levels
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Halve the time taken to improve costs and services
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Improve the resilience of your supply chain network
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Get your providers, contracts and rate cards all in one place

Accelerate your transport & logistics procurement exercises

Discover how to cut time spent in half!


Make your supply chain fit for the future

Increase visibility, improve resilience and enhance performance all from one platform. Smarter supply chains benefit everyone.
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