The case for logistics resilience

What are the major threats to business arising from logistics disruption during the pandemic and events like the Suez Canal saga? And, how can organisations reduce their vulnerability?

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Supply chains are more exposed than ever before

Around the world supply chains are struggling. From the saga of the Ever Given and the Suez Canal, ongoing Brexit confusion, and the continued disruption caused by the COVID-19 pandemic - almost every business is starting to feel the strain.

'Logistics resilience' is no longer a corporate buzzword, but a business imperative.

If you're suffering any of the following issues, it's time to get serious about supply chain resilience:

  • Your suppliers are consistently late or have been unable to deliver goods
  • You're feeling the impact from the shortage of hauliers, in UK, Europe and beyond
  • Your logistics costs have soared
  • You've had orders delayed at borders between EU and UK
  • You've had to close warehouses or stores due to staff illnesses or government mandate

These events show that 'logistics resilience' is no longer a corporate buzzword, but a business imperative.

This Resilience whitepaper from 7bridges, the A.I powered logistics platform, uses real examples to illustrate the danger faced by supply chain fragility and offers practical advice on how to rapidly and effectively address this in your organisation.

This whitepaper explores:

  • Learnings from the COVID-19 pandemic why did logistics costs soar by around 30% in Spring 2020, and why are they still inflated, 18 months down the line? How might businesses be impacted in future?
  • Threats beyond the pandemic including cyber-attack, Brexit and extreme weather. We also explore the risks that can arise with suppliers, including a case study of the 2017 Maersk shipping crisis.
  • 8 steps towards logistics resilience that businesses must take to future-proof operations and profits; including enabling multi-site and multi-carrier strategies, and exploring options such as dropshipping.

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