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Reaching more customers, better with an outcome-driven supply chain

One of 7bridges’ earliest customers, German designer Philipp Plein has used the platform to increase customer experience and find dramatic cost savings simultaneously. Now, as they look to grow even further, the brand is looking to expand their use of 7bridges to drive better customer and strategic outcomes. As a result of these projects they’ve seen:


saved a year 


ROI saving 

~5% recouped costs

from erroneous and disputed invoices

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Philipp Plein has long been an innovator in the luxury fashion space, and that innovation is clear in their supply chain. Through the 7bridges platform, Plein leverages data to elevate their supply chain and deliver a better customer experience. As part of their growth strategy, they increased the volume of B2C customers and found better ways of reaching their B2B customers.  

To grow the way their ambitious plans required, Philipp Plein needed a way to service more customers directly and improve their efficiency.

" Working with 7bridges has continually opened up new opportunities for us to deliver better quality of service to our customers while still optimising and improving our logistics. By increasing the number of customers we’re pushing through the 7bridges platform, as well as seizing opportunities for further enhancements around exports and internal auditing, we are able to create cost savings and efficiencies while still offering enhanced delivery. "

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Sergey Mityagin
Chief Operating Officer, Philipp Plein


Since onboarding the 7bridges platform, Philipp Plein had already been seeing positive results with their consumer business. This early success bolstered Plein to expand the partnership and they are now enhancing the experience for both their B2B and B2C customers.

International shipping

In addition to bringing B2B shipments through the platform, Philipp Plein realised that one aspect of their needs revolved around international shipping. As a global brand, the impact of clunky export processes and costly international shipping were significant for this segment of their customers. To streamline this process, 7bridges automated the manual activities around export declarations for high-value goods, removing the bulk of both time and cost. 

Customer experience

The driving business outcome for Philipp Plein is their excellent customer experience. By working with 7bridges, they were able to lead with this in mind and deliver significant shifts in how their supply chain impacts and amplifies that, while at the same time finding ways to optimise other parts of the supply chain, such as cutting costs. This is how outcome-driven supply chains can make sure that strategy and operations can and should work together.

Procurement & Simulation


Forward-thinking as always, Philipp Plein recognised the need to further improve efficiency by automating its supply chain and the continued partnership with 7bridges has allowed them to do this. Since beginning our work together, Philipp Plein has saved over €2 million every yeara whopping 17x ROI!


bar graph line iconImproved their procurement processes to bring enhanced delivery and logistics performance to end customers

line graph iconIdentified opportunities for more cost-effective warehousing

gear head iconImplemented automated export declarations to ensure faster, cheaper international shipping

hands heart iconGained a competitive advantage through better service for their customers


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