Manage your supply chain costs and protect your profits

Understanding your total cost to serve for all of your customers, and understanding outliers and variance in those costs, is critical to getting your pricing right and managing your gross margin. For leaders responsible for making logistics costs work for their business, getting the data they need to understand this can significantly slow down confident decision making.

Our platform ensures you have a single, clear view across your financial spend for better decision-making. 

Understand the full cost to serve your customers

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Track your spend and performance data closely over time


Gain insights on how to plan your shipping strategy

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Ensure customer-centric planning remains at the heart of your business decisions

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Access detailed metrics, reducing unfulfilled items and optimising performance

Reduce unnecessary spend through actionable insights

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Our platform ingests, consolidates and standardises your invoices, to ensure you have a single, clear view across your logistics spend. This means you can drill in or cut the data any way you want and discover exactly what it costs to serve any part of your customer base.

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You can filter by origin, provider, service and more and help you understand what you are spending on shipping. This allows you to track this data over time and understand how it may change to help you plan your shipping strategy, whilst ensuring you keep your customers at the heart of your business decisions.

Key benefits

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Transform your data into an actionable overview of your supply chain performance

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Incorporate long term data tracking to support strategic planning while prioritising customer satisfaction

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Comprehensive filtering options for detailed analysis

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Offers flexibility in data exploration, enabling you to gain detailed insights tailored to your business needs


Identify outliers and variances in your total costs for accurate pricing and managing gross margin

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Gain holistic visibility across your supply chain to measure costs and SLAs accurately

Understand outliers and variance in costs

Pinpoint exactly where you might be overspending. With full visibility across your operations, you can make smarter, data-backed decisions to help improve your logistics performance. Our use cases cover things like:

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How do I know what I’m spending on and where?

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How can I optimise my supply chain network to improve service performance?

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Where do I find all of my provider's data consolidated, ready to be used?

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How can I use benchmarking data to optimise my supply chain network?


How do I ensure that I am fulfilling my orders, automatically in the optimal way?


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Make your supply chain fit for the future

Increase visibility, improve resilience and enhance performance all from one platform. Smarter supply chains benefit everyone.
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