How can autonomous procurement help me get the best terms faster whilst improving my logistics service provider relationships?

Securing the best terms from your logistics partners is essential for seamless supply chain operations. Without access to benchmarked rates, comparing service levels, emissions and prices is extremely challenging, leading to inefficiencies and higher costs.

Our platform organises your provider data to offer a clear overview of your network, ensuring the best terms for your business needs.


reduction in time taken to procure



better procurement terms

(cost, performance and emissions)

Maximise your business terms effectively

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Get harmonised and standardised data for visibility to understand your true baseline

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Receive tailored recommendations based on your business goals


Utilise benchmark terms to understand industry standards for cost, performance and emissions 

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Perform your procurement activities in half the time and realise savings within the year

Gain granular visibility and speed with data-driven insights

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Our platform provides valuable insights into your supply chain’s performance and allows you to utilise competitive benchmarks and market best practice

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Access comprehensive data to inform your negotiations and help your transport providers with accurate data to help them help you. All of this allowing you to strengthen your relationships too

Key benefits


Secure competitive rates and avoid unnecessary costs

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Organise provider data for a clear network overview

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Access crucial information and improvement recommendations

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Evaluate key provider metrics for optimal performance

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Receive alternative shipping suggestions based on contracts and constraints

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Leverage comprehensive performance comparisons and potential spending assessments

Identify and optimise your supplier data

Understand exactly where you are and how your supply chain is performing. With full visibility across your operations, you can make smarter decisions to help improve your logistics performance. Our use cases cover things like:

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How do I know what I’m spending on and where?


How can I calculate the cost to serve?


How can I optimise my supply chain network to improve service performance?


How do I ensure that I'm fulfiling my orders, automatically, in the optimal way?


How can I make sure I have the right terms with the right logistics partners?


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