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Working to improve the future of pharma supply chains. 

We can help you improve service levels, grow sustainably and increase resilience. All while making your supply chains more efficient. Using a data-driven, strategic approach, we'll help tackle your most pressing needs and deliver measurable value at a rate that works for you.

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Specialty carrier integrations

Because specialty carrier procurement and management presents such unique challenges, the need for specific functionality is clear. We solved that problem through AI and made it accessible and functional with APIs. In fact, we have pioneered the API build, and integration, with widely used carriers like Marken, Worldcourier, CRYOPDP & QuickSTAT. With the API, we bypass email in the electronic information submission and make working with carriers faster, smoother and more effective.

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Driving positive patient outcomes

We know that you need to ensure the right medicine gets to the right patient at the right time, and in perfect condition. For you, tight time constraints, strict temperature controls and exact delivery criteria aren’t just a set of metrics. Instead, they can be a matter of life or death.

Which means you need a way of holistically viewing, and managing your supply chain alongside the detail and granularity to make sure each piece is moving exactly right. Driven by data, the 7bridges platform gives pharmaceutical supply chain leaders the power to make decisions which create better outcomes for both patients and businesses.

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Case Study

Optimisation and transport procurement 



operational cost savings 


ROI saving 


cost reduction

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Getting deep visibility and insights

The pharmaceutical industry faces daily challenges due to strict regulations and constraints on supply chains, relying heavily on specialty carriers. Which makes gaining real visibility both incredibly important and difficult. On top of that, temperature-controlled shipments add complexity with their tight timelines and direct impact on customer needs and patient outcomes.

Our platform enables you to baseline & benchmark your supply chain. Which will help you understand every key step in the chain when it comes to getting your products from your laboratory to your patient, on-time-in-full. From there you can gain near real-time visibility, and be able to see and adapt to spikes in temperature, unexpected disruption and changing markets with ease.

specialty carrier management made easy

Pharma supply chains tend to be more manual, highly relationship-based and favour incumbent providers. But you might be missing out on your best rates.

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why your invoices are out of hand

With what it takes for supply chains to run these days, keeping on top of every single invoice from each supplier and each delivery is close to impossible without good  technology. 

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Outcome-driven for pharma

Data-driven supply chains can make your pharma business stronger through better resilience, agility and sustainability. 

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Making your supply chain more resilient

Your supply chain is vulnerable to disruption, whether it’s shipping containers getting stuck in the Suez Canal, wildfires blocking major routes and damaging infrastructure, or even time lost due to industrial action. We know it can be difficult to plan for every eventuality, which is why we’ve developed our Simulations, which allows you to harness the power of your data to make more informed decisions and truly understand the impact of them on your supply chain’s performance.

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mastering disruption guide

Embrace resilient supply chains for business success! In today's fast-paced world, businesses need to be prepared to bounce back better and faster than ever. Check out our guide.

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AI in pharma

Find out how pharmaceutical businesses can use AI to build a more flexible and resilient supply chain, and future-proof their logistics by reducing carbon emissions.

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5 ways to boost your supply chain with simulations

Optimise your supply chain with 7bridges simulations: Visualise, optimise, eliminate bottlenecks. Make informed decisions, reduce risk, enhance performance.

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Learn more about the 7bridges AI powered supply chain management solution, and how it can enable you to drive measurable value throughout your supply chain.