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For far too long, supply chains have been driven by activity and necessity instead of outcomes and possibilities.

This has been particularly true in the pharmaceutical industry, where the supply chain faces unique challenges and constraints. Pharma businesses need to overcome these challenges to be ready for the future. Using data and the 7bridges platform to power an outcome-driven supply chain is the way to make that happen.

In this guide we explore how the 7bridges can help pharma businesses reduce costs, improve service levels, grow sustainably, and increase resilience. All while making supply chains more efficient.

Specialty carrier integrations

Because specialty carrier procurement and management presents such unique challenges, the need for specific functionality is clear. We solved that problem through AI and made it accessible and functional with APIs. In fact, we have pioneered the API build, and integration, with widely used carriers like Marken, Worldcourier, & QuickSTAT. With the API, we bypass email in the electronic information submission and make working with those carriers faster, smoother and more effective.

Marken c

See how 7bridges can help you drive better outcomes through your supply chain:

Find out how we can help you rethink how your supply chain operates in three easy steps.

Each step can be easily implemented in stages and integrated into your existing workflow. And you’ll find savings, agility and resilience with every step you take.

Data & cost layer frame

Step 1:
Baseline and benchmarking layer

  • Baseline and benchmark your LSPs to ensure you’re getting the levels of service you’re paying for

  • 3X ROI within 12 months of signing
Procurement & simulation frame

Step 2:
Procurement & simulation layer

  • Improve processes and explore new ideas through data simulations

  • Achieve an 18% improvement to procured rates you secured
Outbound automation frame

Step 3:
Outbound automation layer

  • Ensure every shipment gets to where it’s supposed to go, on time, every time

  • Save 16% in direct cost
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