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Our smart logistics technology brings together all of your logistics data and processes, and transforms them into an agile, automated system that continuously adapts to change.

It enables you to predict, model and rapidly respond to a shifting logistics landscape (such as the COVID-19 crisis).

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The 7bridges platform

One platform for all your logistics needs.

7bridges is easy-to-use for all of your employees: from your CFO, to the newest warehouse recruits. The platform offers total visibility and control over your logistics costs, operations and performance.

Powered by dynamic, adaptive, intelligent tech.

The platform is fuelled by our artificial intelligence technology - Logistics Engine Optimisation (L.E.O). It uses real-time calculations to offer the best business outcomes on every single shipment you make. L.E.O can help you save up to 30% on your direct costs!

Extensive logistics ecosystem & global carrier network.

7bridges is the last logistics integration you need to make to future-proof your business and deliver scalable, sustainable and profitable enterprise growth. We’re continually expanding our network of ERPs and logistics services providers, so you can rapidly access the latest delivery types and swiftly enter new markets.