Practical AI-powered tools for better logistics management


If sending packages could be as easy as email…


Our AI-powered tools optimise your logistics, help you drive down costs, collaborate with suppliers and serve customers better.


Intelligent logistics automation

Empower yourself to make your logistics operations and planning more efficient than they’ve ever been.  

Our web-based tools use powerful machine-learning intelligence to provide unprecedented support for your day-to-day logistics decision-making and critical strategic choices.

However you manage your logistics today, you can improve your process control, profitability and service levels with logistics optimisation from 7BRIDGES. Here are some real numbers achieved by our customers:

25% less waste

Reduce logistics costs

By managing all your logistics in one place, our AI ensures every order is fulfilled optimally, driving costs down from procurement to payment

75% faster

Reduce your touch time

With automated workflow, you can reduce the average time you spend managing each shipment by around three-quarters.

75% better

Minimize complaints

On average, one in ten shipments are affected by problems that inconvenience the customer. You can prevent most of these.