Because smarter supply chains benefit everyone

By consolidating all your data into a single platform, you gain full control over your network. 7bridges not only provides insights into your past performance but also prepares you for the future. Let us introduce you to the actionable logistics Digital Twin you've been waiting for.


Forward thinking supply chain leaders need powerful tools.


With the 7bridges platform, you gain complete supply chain visibility, an end-to-end view of your operations, enhanced operational resilience, and real-time trackable SLAs, all from a single solution.

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"7bridges helped us make data driven decisions about our logistics."

7bridges gave us visibility of the costs and performance of our carriers, allowing us to make data-driven decisions. We used simulations to determine the impact of changing things in our network, which gave us much more powerful analytical capabilities... Read the full review


Review by Jonathan H.

4.5 Stars

"Amazingly insightful, great automation benefits and has driven many positive outcomes for us quickly"

The software from 7bridges enhanced our understanding of carrier costs and performance at a detailed level, empowering us with the ability to make choices based on solid data. Through simulations, we could...  Read the full review


Review by User in Retail

4.5 Stars

"For me the best SC, Logistic Planning & Auditing Tool on the market !"

7bridges allows an easy and efficient management of your SC and logistics processes (thanks to an advanced AI management system) and provides real-time access to analyses/dashboards to better analyze the costs linked to your supply chain...  Read the full review


Review by Gilles G.

5 Stars



Make smarter, data-driven decisions


All the data you need to manage your network and make smarter decisions, all in one place


Simulate and test strategies before implementation


Utilise AI for faster more intuitive decision making


See everything, everywhere, all at once


Gain a bird's-eye view of your entire supply chain


Waste fewer resources while saving on time, cost and effort


Make smarter decisions that benefit performance, revenue and the environment


Innovate new solutions for persistent problems


Increase resilience so you can react with speed and maintain performance


Adapt and respond smoothly to external pressures to meet customer expectations


Automate every shipment by accessing the rights carriers without exhausting IT resource

Allow us to ingest and optimise your data

Understand exactly where you are and how your supply chain is performing. With full visibility across your operations, you can make smarter decisions to help improve your logistics performance. See some of our most popular use cases 👇

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How do I track carrier performance?

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How do I know what I am spending on and where?


How can I calculate cost to serve?

How it works

Our goal is for any business to deliver an outcome-driven supply chain


But we understand that can’t happen overnight. We’ve designed a route to implementing a smarter supply chain that enables you to regain control, deliver ROI, increase visibility and protect revenue.


Our approach enables you to retake control of your supply chain by enacting measurable change at pace to meet the challenges you face.


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